Day 21

Today was my and Anjas Interview. I was the first person, who was interviewt today. I don´t like it to be in front of a camera and i never looked into the camera. Because of that, we had to repeat some parts. After my Interview was the break. We went outside to meet some friends and after that we went back to the room, where goncalo waited of me. I was confused. He said there was a problem with saving my Interview and I have to repeat everything. I was so pissed, but then he said: But first, you told me what this is a prank is called in German.

He filmed my reaction. This is really too funny.

After that we went outside, because Anjas interview was in the park. We made her interview and after that all of us went home.

At 14:30 I went back to school, because of the volleyballmatch. I love volleyball, but after that we played basket. Normally, I like the basket, but not with boys, they played so aggressiv.


31.1.16 23:33


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