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Today, the teacher says, that we don't have to go to the classes. But I went to. I went, because I will leave tomorrow. I'm really sag about that.. I went to school at 10 and then I saw Eric and Carolina. Eric asked me if I wanted to come to his classe. I said yes, but when we stand in front of the room he tells me, that that is the Portuguese classe. But ok, I went in and after an half hour the teacher wanted us to read a text out loud. Everybody was really happy when I had to read. It was so funny. After that, we went out of school and I went home. In the afternoon I went to the tv room. Gonçalo and the rest shopped food and drinks and then we watched the photos and videos of our trip to Lisbon. After that we went into a bar and talked and stay there till 00:00

7.2.16 15:01


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